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Our Process

To Creative Web Design

Similar to that of a master tailor when making a suit, our process to creative web design is entirely bespoke to you. We diligently research your company, brand, services and/or products, as well as consult you about design choices and colour schemes, before even starting on the website design.

Beautiful no matter what size of device!

The vast majority of surfing online is done on mobile devices. With so many different mobile devices comes almost as many different screen sizes and resolutions, and you need your website to look great on them all! The answer is responsive web design. Responsive means that the page format and padding alters automatically to fit the device being used. Every website designed by North West Web Design is fully responsive and stunning no matter how you view it!

Mobile Devices

Phones are the big one. With most of the surfing done on these devices, Google now down-ranks your website if not properly optimised for mobile!

Tablets / e-Readers

Tablet formats are often a tricky one to get right, and can get overlooked by many less experienced companies offering web design. Not at North West Web Design!

Laptops / TVs

Not everyone uses small devices, some are enormous! And for those you need safety in the knowledge that the design and image quality or your website will still be perfect!

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Our Process To Creative Web Design

Our Process To Creative Web Design

Research & Style Consultation

Research is the most important stage in constructing the perfect website, and so our process to creative web design starts here. Everything has to be designed around your brand, your style, and your target customers. We work hard to get a full grasp on all aspects of the project before we actually start on the website, consulting you on style and colour schemes etc, and researching your target market and audience.

Back – End Design & Construction

Once we have a solid overview on what the end product should look and feel like, we can then get to work on the basic template. This involves setting up the domain name, hosting and email addresses, then constructing the page hierarchy, terms and conditions and privacy/cookie policy, and setting up the security software. You now have a legal website, time for the content!

Front – End Content & Media

Now for the fun part! We take the content you have written (or that we wrote for you) and get to work designing each page. We add any media that you gave us, plus any high quality, copyright-free images that we think fit perfectly with the overall style. We carefully select fonts, backgrounds, section layouts and sizes, add subtle shadows, borders and animations, and just generally play around creatively to create that unique, polished user experience.

Analysis & Evaluation

Now we show you your website! There’s still some work to be done, but it’s pretty much how it will look and feel once completed. We invite you to browse through each page, and just note down anything that you don’t particularly like or would like altered, the more input the better! Once you decide that the design is exactly right, and all changes have been made, we’re almost there!

Mobile & Speed Optimisations

Your website is now live and complete to the average user. At North West Web Design, this is where the majority of the technical work now starts. We begin by optimising each page for load speed times and mobile device resolutions, configure both the site-side and server-side caching (for extra speed) and then set up the viewer analytics integrations before telling Google etc. that your site is now live and ready for the bots to crawl and index it.

Added Extras

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of your own beautiful website! And our process to creative web design is complete. But what about extras? Support? Don’t worry. We strive to provide the best aftercare to our clients as possible. We also offer many valuable extras, some for free! Please view our Services page for more information on the support offered, and the incredible added extras that we provide, such as ongoing SEO or high quality social media images!

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